In a world full of meaningless selfies, this project visualizes a self-portrait with personal data embodied into it. My aim was to increase the life of this selfie by telling the viewer more about my life.
Data collection

Initial Thoughts and Explorations
My first thoughts were to use my older resume as a template or to make a multiple exposure of my day. But it was a concept that I have overused in the past.
Initial Sketches
I decided to use the colors of a turban to bring out the 'रंग, विचार, सपने और मैं'. The initial sketch stood true to Don Norman's three levels of design;
1. Visceral Level: Colorful palette, pleasing to look at and looks like someone from Rajasthan
2. Behavioral Level: Glasses and turbans (safa) are trying to tell us more about this someone
3. Reflective Level: Safa is having different colors and Rajasthan is a colorful state. This someone is trying to tell us various colors of his life
Adding Humour and Quantitative Data
In the world of social media, the word Bio and Profile are quite a hit. 'Bio', gives you a rough idea about the user and if you like the bio you dive deep into their 'profiles'. 
So to add more data to the selfie, side profiles were added alongside the central bio. The clustering of information was done on the basis of a very believable myth, 'Left brain is logical and right brain is creative'.
Final Version
Two final versions were made, one was a static poster, and another one was an interactive resume. 

Updated Data Selfie as on November 20, 2022

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