Pushkar is a small town in Rajasthan; a 15 min drive from Ajmer. Popularly known as ‘Tirthraj Pushkar' as it houses the only Bramha temple in the world. Pushkar is also known for its annual Camel fair and crazy Holi celebrations. 
I have spent around a year and a half in Ajmer and Pushkar was always my go-to place. During my visits there, I have been to the famous Camel Fair, attended concerts by various bands, eaten at numerous cafes, and visited nearly all the temples. 

 My Memories of Pushkar

So when a schematic map was needed, I thought of helping out the lakhs of tourists who visit Pushkar.
Also did a scrolli-telling on it, which can be seen here.
Base map and round one of tracing.
Finding Conch Shell
After round 1 of tracing, I was able to see a conch shell but only to realize that it was too much force-fitting.
Using Grids and Finding a Camel
After muting the thoughts of a conch shell, and putting the grid in place the schematized map gave way to a camel's mouth.
The world knows the relationship between Pushkar and Camels; thus decided to take it forward. 
Final Map

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