This project is a continuation of 'Lumos Maxima'. 
Please refer here before proceeding
The only limitation of this installation was that it wasn't handy or compact and I was sure my mother won't let me keep it, let alone wait for me to finish all the books and make it into a colorful mosaic window.
It was time for the third attempt at visualization, A lamp that keeps a track of all the books that  I own and the ones that I have read.
The lamp is made to look like a miniature conical bookshelf that holds all the books that I have bought. It is made up of three parts:
1. 6 circular rings to hold the books
2. 4 spines to hold together the bookshelf
3. 150+ miniature books with two slits and names etched on them
All the elements were first made in Adobe illustrator and then were cut on a 3mm MDF using a laser cutter and then assembled to form the lamp.

The best part about it was, it was adaptive. The moment I am done with a book I can simply hinge it from the bottom slit, which makes the book rise; a metaphor of upliftment.

This is what the final Lamp looks like... 

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