For thousands of years, our ancestors have been passing on their valuable knowledge, gained through experimentation and experiences to their younger generations through the process of storytelling. Storytelling dates back to primitive times where dialogues were the only means of communication. With evolution, the human brain has developed an inclination towards this method of the depiction of events called Storytelling and Stories. 
Stories matter, they can make or break any course of the event, varying gloriously with human perspectives. A single-story cannot reflect the entire reality of a place. It's the collective efforts of people and their memories, replicated into their stories, that bring out the elegance and magnanimity of a place.
We wanted to create a platform for those stories and their celebrated role towards creating our corporation's happiness, for acknowledgments to our colleagues and organization, for all positive work experiences that culminate into creating a Movement of Positivity. Thus, using, HPCL's tagline ‘Delivering Happiness‘, and the fact that Stories Matter and Appreciation makes the three basic pillars in the conceptualization of "HPNESS”.

High Fidelity Wire Frames
The data is collected linked to the main HP Portal, the moment they log in for the first time they are asked about their mood.
Home Page
Right after login, India’s map colored according to the mood of the Employees, working across the country comes up with a toggle view with the Live feed of people sharing their stories.
Profile Page
Profile page shows about the person, the number of appreciations, stories happy & unhappy and ranking. The ranks serve as a motivation to share more.
It also shows employees' 50-day mood board that can be printed and used as a bookmark. 
The buttons help to sort the views. 
Cue Cards
To ease the process of sharing stories cue cards with fill-in-the-blanks were made. 
In place of the common 'Okay'/'Send'/'Publish', the icon pertaining to the type of card is used to strengthen the recall of the icon.
Walkthrough Video

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