My name is Kirti Vardhan Rathore, currently pursuing Master of Design in Information Design from the National Institute of Design Bengaluru. For my graduation project, I am a UX Intern at Walmart Global Tech. 

I graduated from IIT Jodhpur in 2016 as a Mechanical Engineer. 

Then I worked for 4 years at Hindustan Petroleum. I joined as an Operations Officer at the Ajmer LPG plant, designed a logo that was inaugurated by our Hon'ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and was given a transfer to Public Relations Department as a Visual Designer.

Designing for about 6 years has enabled me to tell when something is amiss, I can make information aesthetically appealing but the curious engineer in me still needs to know ‘Why?’. This curiosity is what keeps me going. I am trying to become a valuable problem solver in the design world rather than a mere visual communicator.

Apart from Design and Tech I  play ⚽, read 📚, listen 🎧, gaze 🌓 and  🛹.
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