I specialize in infusing design into a PSU framework, and my recent work includes spearheading the creation of the identity for HP's Golden Jubilee Celebrations. I conceptualized the tagline "Panchatattvon ka Maharatna" and orchestrated the design of corporate merchandise aligned with this theme. Additionally, I developed comprehensive corporate identity guidelines for the esteemed HP logo, presented in a user-friendly webpage format, providing users with readily accessible collaterals for consistent brand representation.

My efforts have also established a UX design culture within the PSU environment at HP. I delivered an in-depth lecture on the fundamentals of UX design to the developer team, enhancing their understanding and proficiency in creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

With a Master of Design in Information Design from the National Institute of Design Bengaluru, and a graduation project as a UX Intern at Walmart Global Tech, I bring a solid foundation in design thinking. I also hold a Mechanical Engineering degree from IIT Jodhpur, which complements my design expertise with a strong analytical approach.

I have worked at Hindustan Petroleum for over four years, starting as an Operations Officer at the Ajmer LPG plant, where I designed a logo inaugurated by Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Later, I transitioned to the Public Relations Department as a Visual Designer.

Designing since 2013 has enabled me to identify when something is amiss and make information aesthetically appealing. The curious engineer in me constantly seeks to understand 'Why?' This curiosity drives me to become a valuable problem solver in the design world rather than just a visual communicator.
Apart from Design and Tech I  play ⚽, read 📚, listen 🎧, gaze 🌓 and  🛹.

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